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Hi! i'm decocookie!;) This channel introduces Japanese traditional sweets"Wagashi" ,Popin'Cookin',Cooking Toy and original sweets.Basically,I'll post a new video(no-music) several times a month. I make this channel with my husband.and we also have another channel "Japanese stuff channel",JSC is mainly made by him,he posts Japanese toy,food,and a variety of stuffs video every day, If you like our videos,please subscribe our channels;) JSC(Japanese stuff channel) i don't have any other SNS pages(for example,twitter,facebook,and instagram etc.) i only have this YouTube channel and Japanese Yahoo creators page.if you want to contact me,plz leave a comment on my newest video;) decocookie♥channleは、日本の可愛くて面白い手作り系お菓子(和菓子、知育菓子等)を海外に紹介しているチャンネルです。基本的には音楽なしの動画を月に数回公開します。2018年秋からYahoo! Creatorsにも、日本語版動画を投稿しはじめました!


Red No-bake Cheesecake with Red perilla Jelly Balls like Edible Jewel Orbeez

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Red Perilla "Aka Shiso" juice drink and jelly recipe Japanese Sweets for Summer

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Kawaii Cooking Tool Sugar Bunnies DIY Candy Making Kit 【ASMR Collector Cooking Toy】

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Japan Interesting Candy Souvenir Kaleidoscope of Konpeito Making Kit

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How to make OREO Popcorn Easy Recipe of Cookie and Cream Popcorn

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