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Welcome to Otters Kotaro and Hana Channel! Kotaro: Male, DOB 11/10/2017 He has a scar on his tail from being bitten by another otter when he was still a baby. Hana: Female, DOB 11/24/2018 【KOTSUMET OFFICIAL SHOP】 https://kotsumet-official-store.com/e Having an otter as a pet is illegal in most countries. However, in Japan, otters can be traded, although it is limited to domestic breeds only. Currently, severe restrictions are in place for buying and selling otters in Japan. There is a severe penalty for selling and buying otters with unknown birth origins without permits. Kotaro and Hana were both born in Japan and have permits. It is so much work to have an otter as a pet. _________________________ コツメカワウソコタローとハナの日常生活。 【コタロー】2017.11.10 生まれの男の子 性格 やんちゃ、頭脳派、デリケート しっぽの付け根に噛みキズあり(赤ちゃんの時にケンカした模様) 【ハナ】2018.11.24 生まれの女の子 性格 おてんばだけど内弁慶、スーパー甘えん坊、食いしん坊 ※国際希少種登録票交付済み 【コツメットオフィシャルショップ】グッズの購入はこちら https://kotsumet-official-store.com Channel Art Banner:Youda Yoriko


最大級の台風におったまげるカワウソの一日 Otters Surprised by Super Typhoon

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カワウソのハーネスの付け方とお散歩事情 How to Put a Harness on an Otter

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超強力なパワーストーンに惹きつけられるカワウソ Otters React to Amethyst Geode

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新しいホースを担いで追い出そうとするカワウソ Angry Otter Fighting New Hose!

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初体験のマッサージガンにブルブルされるカワウソ Otter Reacts to Massage Gun

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